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2nd Try at Cpop


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Didnt have any color to use but i was itching to make soap...

Carmen helped me (she rocks by the way)

We have a recipe using rice bran, coconut, beeswax, castor, shea butter

when i added the lye to the oils. it thickened up immediately. I was starting to freak out but i made sure to mix it really well. I added the FO and mixed some more. By the time i got to put it into the mold. i sorta just glopped it in there.

It actually did gel (I was so excited)

Here it is cut.. nothing fancy like the rest of ya, but it is scented sweet pea (yummy)

it is still a bit soft and warm but how do you guys think it turned out?


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You go girl. You guys, if you dont know Heather, she is a riot! She was itching to make soap with only a few ingredients. We had to come up with something for her otherwise she would have ended up in the loonie bin!



I am sure you guys can understand the soap itch :-)

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LOL....it looks very nice. Do let us know how it soaps. Did you use alot of beeswax? I am pretty curious about how it feels.

I have only added it to a castile bar to harden it up abit at 1% but cant really feel anything since its so little.

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