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When you order blended wax/? % of soy is in it

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Hi again,

When I am looking at manuacturers website for their wax info.

they never state how much soy is in their Par. blend products.

Has anyone else had this problem of finding out?

Of course others like 50/50 are not what I am looking at.

Things like

Harmony blend

Comfort blend

vintage blend

Tell me what you think;)

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Hey Brooke,

Yep, I had the same problem. That is why I can't remember what amount of soy is in the CB-30 Calwax. I don't believe it was listed and I asked the guy where I got it and he was not 100% sure but gave me a rough idea and now I can't even remember.

It does not look like the Comfort Blend would have any soy in it (the way it appears to me). But, I may be wrong. I am not sure about the Harmony or Vintage. They can still call it a blend even if there is no soy in it at all. It just has other things that are already blended in it and does not require those additives -- like vybar, petroluem, etc. I believe both J-300 and J-6006 has some soy in them but I don't know what percentage.

Someone else here may know more about what is in the Harmony and Vintage blend.


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Harmony blend

Comfort blend

Vintage blend

Of the 3 you list, only Vintage Blend is a vegetable wax blend. The other two are paraffin based.

The following IGI waxes are paraffin/vegetable blends:

IGI 6005 Valor Blend

IGI 6006 Vintage Blend

IGI 6095 Velvet Blend

IGI 6098 Victory Blend

Apparently "V" is for "Veggie". :)

None of these is necessarily made from soy. They just contain vegetable derived waxes of some kind. It's also unlikely that you're going to find out much more about the ingredients or proportions beyond what's in the TIS and PIS documents.

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