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Black coco butter?


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This site has it, its not cheap and who knows how much shipping would be? You have to put your order in by email or phone and they contact you after that. Priority mail shipping for outside hawaii. Tempted to order it, i'm addicted to regular cocoa butter as it is!:D

:shocked2: Wow!! That is high. Glad I got 2# in the last co-op she did:D

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Not sure if its ok to post this so mods erase away if need be :tiptoe: I ordered some of this divine BCC and received this email. Its a SUPER great buy, but in turn it'll be awhile before you get it. I've seen it listed a few other places for triple this amount.

Request to all...if any of you are list owners and want to post this buy for me, please go ahead. I am still short of selling what I would like to sell. Lets just say if I get orders saying "I heard about you from ... ", you will be rewarded! The buy is not going to get cancelled without these orders....dont worry about that. I just dont want to pull more money than necessary from my savings!!

Thanks much!!!!

Lynn Clark

Black Cocoa Butter Buy Going on NOW!!


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Her email also mentioned something about samples to people. So maybe if you email her, she for a small price will send you some???!!! Its such an EXCELLENT price. Even if you ended up not liking it, turned around and sold it you could make $$ on the deal. ;)

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