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Apothecary or vase jar poll

Apothecary or vase jar  

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  1. 1. Apothecary or vase jar

    • 16 oz. apothecary with flat lid
    • 14 oz. vase jar with flat lid

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I currently use the 16 oz. apothecary with flat lid but have had a couple close friends/family suggest that I use a different style of jar to be different. Can't make my mind up on which jar I want so I'm taking a poll. I use soy/cottonseed wax. Don't really know if I want to start testing all over again. Which do you like the best? The vase jar cost more but holds less so the actual cost is approx. .75 cents less. Thank you.

16ozapothecary.jpg 14ozvase.jpg

16 oz. apothecary 14 oz. vase

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Hi ScentsandMore,

Here is what I wrote on your first post regarding this:

"I love the elegance of the vase jar, but have found that the jars that have even measurements from top to bottom burn the nicest. I seem to always go for the look though and choose the harder to wick curvy ones. For example, if you double wick the vase one your meltpool will become deeper faster at the bottom -- usually faster than desired. I had this problem more so with the paraffin blends than my hard to burn CB-3 soy. Whereas the jar that is as wide at the bottom as the top will keep the meltpool rate much more even -- not too deep too quick at the bottom, etc. Also, I noticed that flames seem to not flicker as much when the bottom part is wider -- as wide as the top. HTH

~Holly :)

EDITED TO ADD: If I were to only choose one, I would still go for the vase jar."


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I would go for the vase because I like to say "vahzz" :laugh2:

Seriously, I am switching to a new jar from Jar Store called the Melting Pot. It is sort of apothecary style but is slightly curved in places, and looks much nicer than a plain old straight sided jar. I find alot of people want something distinctive looking, and that is one way of setting yourself apart from the rest. It may drive your cost up a little, but you build more value into the package.

With the 14 oz size you may be able to get away with single wicking. Even if you have a little hangup near the top, it may catch up when it burns down near the bottom, and the jar heats up a little more. I might recommend HTP105, 1212, 1312, and 126 as a range that may work.

HTH! geek

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Edited answer because I misunderstood the initial post.

Both of the jars are the same in cost, one just holds less than the other and has a diff. shape. I think the better deal is the keepsake, since you have tested them already. I had good luck selling the flat lidded keepsake jars until I switched to less expensive jar. I can also say that retesting new jars is a pain ITA, unless you just have a lot of extra time to kill. My experience in selling over the past year, most of my customers aren't as concerned as much with the kind of jar as they are how good the candle is inside. They could care less if it was in a keepsake jar or a jelly jar. Now that is just the market I live in, I am sure everyone's is different. Just my .02. :D

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Not sure how I had the double post on this. I had to stop in the middle of it so I went to finish my note and it wasn't there so I went back to see if I already posted it. I didn't see anything so typed it again. Now the first post is there. Sorry for posting twice.

No biggie. It can happen. I thought maybe you were not able to get the poll scale to go on or did not know about it and then finally it went through or just something happened during your making of the post. Looks like you are getting some good responses. :) I like both jars, and would be torn between choosing either more practical (less problems that may occur during a burn) or elegance. Knowing me, I would probably carry both and offer different lids for the apothecary - metal lids too for the people who like more of a primitive/country look.


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