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Safe wick for Votive???


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I'm trying to test votives, with 3 different fragrances.... Black Currant, Passionate Kisses and Saskatoon Berry. The Black Currant and Saskatoon Berry are both very dark colored( I had to put quite a bit of color to achieve this.

I'm using El Soy Votive Blend.

Ok.. the problem is that I had wicked HTP 73! They all burned, but left alot of wax on the sides of the glass holder. What I would like to know is:

1) Would I better using a zinc core wick, or is it safe to go to a HTP 83 wick??? Any help would be appreciated immensely!!! Others votives that I have tested so far, have been fine with the HTP 73...

Second question: stupid maybe... sorry if it is:embarasse

How many times do we need to test one votive: same colour, same FO's before it is safe??? Once, twice, three times..... a lady??? :) Sorry couldn't resist that one......

Seriously though... how many times do we need to test the same votive??

I have another question too concerning pillars... but I'll put it in another thread... Try not to complicate things here...:shocked2:

Thanks again..

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I have just started making votives and only had a htp 83 to start with and it worked fine. I will test with 73 when I receive them. If your using that much dye you should probably go up to 83's. s far as how many times to test, once I've got a good burn down I roll with it.

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Well the only way to know how safe the HTP83 is, is to test it really. I like CD wicks in votives also, if you get stuck in between. I've been using either CD5 or CD6 with good results.

I think the best way to test is to try about 4or 5 of the same fo and wick if you get consistent results, give some to some friends to try and see if they get the same results. Where I get a little confused is knowing how many different types of containers to test in. If it is a tight fitting one it can have totally different results than a wider one. HTH:)

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