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JS M&M and Vanilla Buttercream Crunch


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I'm testing JS Mimosa and Mandarin and Vanilla Buttercream Crunch today. Did a 50/50 combo of 6228 and J223 to test in tarts and votives. OK so they are kind of soft votives but for testing it's working. Amazing hot throw on these 2. And I love both scents. Drove DH out of the cottage so they must be good. LOL Definitely going to order more of each. Of course that's what I've said about every JS FO I have tested. Next up Sweet Berrie Deelite.

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I use 3 different maple scents for my Maple Walnut Crunch, one was from WW's and I had to find another. In my tarts this combo lasted for days and was a best seller. Well made with the Chestnuts and Brown Sugar instead of Maple Walnut form WW's and it is a winner. So far 24 hrs straight in my electric warmer, 40 watt bulb. I can still smell it and it is yummy.

Also got Sex on the Beach, been looking for one I thought smelled good. Well I love this one. It's fruity smelling and a strong thrower in soy tarts. Don't know about lasting, yet. Was strong for about 8 hrs and turned off. Will test another day and see how it is for # of hrs. Has a very strong cold throw too.

Hot Butter Rum, this one is good, strong thrower and last. Good seller this Christmas season.

Oatmeal Raisin Bread, love this smell but not throwing well. Not fair test cause the wick it way too small. This scent has a ever so slight spice scent. I want this one to work.

I did not want another supplier and only tried this one because of the Hot Butter Rum. I have more time to test now and am going to add this supplier to my main list. Thanks for the reviews.

My main seller is tarts so that's what most of my reviews are in.

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I just got some samples in from JS and I thought the Mandarin Mimosa was totally awesome. I haven't put it into wax yet, but it would make a nice B&B scent for the spring and summer.

I poured some Mimosa Mandarin in straight paraffin with stearic yesterday and both the hot and cold throw in my tarts are excellent. It is really a beautiful oil in my opinion.


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