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GB 454 Wax

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Hi All, I bought a 45lb box of GB 454 wax, so I really want to use it.  Has anyone on here been successful with this wax?  I have almost run out of good options with wicks.  I have a 10oz jar/8oz wax with a 2.7" diameter.  I've tried CD 12/18 and wooden wicks.


CD 12 was way too small. CD 18 left wax on sides and wooden wick was way too hot.  I normally use 464 wax, but the 454 has a much stronger hot throw, so would love to use it.


Thank you so much for any help!

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Did you happen to pick up the cd sizes in between what you tried? Cd14 and cd16 are nice incremental steps.

wooden wicks come in dozens of thickness x width combos and from different wood types.  The smallest of the sizes can do very well in that size jar.  

CDN are always nice to keep on hand also. Along with Premier700 series.  

sometimes the wicking issues stem from fragrances. I have not tried your wax, but you have loads of options with the many wick series and sizes available.  

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Hi Everwickcandles - I'm also trying to use this wax as I finally gave up on the Ecosoy 135 (looks terrible just about every time I pour them, even heat gunning them looks bad when it solidifies). I also tried 464, 444, and multiple combinations of the two of them, all with unpleasant results. The 454 is a better wax, the HT is good and they pour smooth, but I've also been trying for a year, yes an entire year to wick these candles. I've tried multiple different vessels (straight sided from CS, auras from makesy, a nice tin from West Sound) in multiple sizes (7 oz, 8 oz, 9 oz, 12 oz) and with a variety of both cotton (I've tried every size in each CD, CDN, and several LX in single and double wick tests) and wooden (I've tried every thickness and every width available from Makesy, also tried double wicking with many of them, some non booster and some booster). Nothing has worked, there is always at least one thing off. I'll get the HT, flame, and melt perfect, no tunneling, etc but then the vessel with be 170+ degrees which is far too hot for safety. I'm down to my last efforts and really hoping for a miracle b/c a year of testing natural, paraffin free wax has me wondering if it's going to work at all. I've tried adjusting the pour temperatures and glass heats. Today I am trying the Eco series and attempting to place the wicks a bit closer together in the middle of the jar and hope that will be the winner. Fingers crossed! I might try another brand of vessels but the money waste at this point is getting to be too much. Moving to a paraffin blend is really the only option I see left if this doesn't work, which isn't my favorite. I'll repost if I have success, please let me know if you found a good combination!!

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