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Question on a few Peak FO's in soy....


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I have the following Peak oils that I want to test:

White Tea & Ginger


Green Clover & Aloe


Spring Rain

I was wondering how well these throw in Soy/veggie wax. I did a quick search and there is a lot to weed through....eyes bugging. I have only one oz. of each and not sure if I should test them in the soy (Calsoy CB-3) or the Taylored 50/50. I am limited a bit on time so if one or all are duds in the soy I have to order again and wait. I tested the White Tea & Ginger and Green Clover & Aloe in a paraffin blend a long time ago when I first started making candles. I can't remember the outcome real well, except I think I remember getting a slight fuel smell with one of them....probably need to cut back on the percentage.

Thanks in advance for any input. :)


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You hit upon the reason I always order a min. of 4 oz. to test in my waxes and B&B......1 oz. is not enough to really do everything. Unfortunately, no one will be able to give you an answer to how these scents will do in your waxes. I'd say pick the wax you really want to make a candle in and test that. :cool2:

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Hi Chris,

Yes, I'm with you on that....4 oz. or at least 2 oz. is best. This way if it does not work in my "main" wax (CB-3 soy) I try it in the Taylored 50/50. I had ordered awhile ago the 10 1 oz. sample pack from Peaks. I know that not everyone who may answer can say for sure if they will throw well in "my" soy. I am asking if they have done well for others who use soy.....you know that same old question...."how does it throw in soy?" :rolleyes2 I should have included in my post (CB-3 Soy) -- I will add that in. Others here use it. I will post my results. Thanks.

~Holly :)

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