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How did I do? First Chunk!


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on the larger one it looks like you got a little bit of bleeding from the chunk. some people like the chunks to bleed a bit. To avoid that try pouring a bit cooler and or move the pour pot around to you aren't pouring over the same spot.

I always wait 24 hours (at least) before I burn.

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Hello all and thank you for your replies. Thanks for the info on the test burn. That makes sense now. Also, I think I got bleeding because I had a few smalls holes and I was going to try and zap them with the heat gun and it bleed a little. But for my first time I just wanted to know what you guys thought. And once again thanks for everything!! :)

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Hi Krystalkay!

Can you tell me what wax you used for your chunks and your overpour? Also, what wicks do you use?

I experiemented with Jj223/IGI 6006 50/50 blend and I can barely see my light blue chunks through the light green overpour. I am willing to try again, I just need more instructions!

TIA for your help!


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