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help finding jars

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Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can get these "hourglass" jars .... besides WSP? I am in the state right next to them and they want $25. to ship 24 of these to me!!! :shocked2: I have looked all over and can't seem to find them anywhere besides there! TIA (if you think the shipping is a good price, don't be afraid tp tell me I'm crazy!:tongue2: )

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I don't think you're crazy. WSP has awful shipping prices. I refuse to order from them because of their lousy "handling" fees they tack on.

I also think that jar would be a booger to wick. Good luck. ;)

I use to get alot from WSP but they have just gone too far w/ the shipping & handling fees!:mad: Too bad, as I am sure they are losing alot of business because of this.

I was thinking about how to wick that jar and agree w/ you. I don't have to have that jar ...... I am just looking for some other type of jar to add to my line that looks a little more "upscale" without costing me an arm & a leg!:tongue2:;)

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If you want some other types of glassware, check out Candles and Supplies and Fillmore Container. They both just got some new types of containers in stock and aren't outrageous on their shipping costs. I get my square masons from Fillmore and haven't ever had a problem or complaint. C&S now carries the status/metro jars and that might be a good choice. I carry those and the 8 oz ones are a breeze to wick compared to most jars.

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