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Great Find at Target

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If you make tarts, check out the $1 section at Target...I found little "Ramekin" bowls that can sit on candle warmers there this a.m...white/black/red and various shapes, too. A basic round one, a square one, a square one that looks like someone pinched the sides, etc. I've never been able to find these at my Walmart...but there's a lot of things I can't seem to find there! :mad:

This little discovery made my day! :yay: (Not an easy thing to do since we just got 13+ inches :shocked2: of snow overnight!)

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You should check out Target's $ section every once in a while they change the stuff in there about every few months and I always seem to find great stuff. If you ask when they are going to get there shipments in you may be able to find those silicone ice cube trays in the shape of hearts, someone here said they use those to make tarts, but at my house the kids use the heart ice cubes they think there great!


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I was just at Target yesterday too and was TRYING desperately to look at the dollar stuff you mentioned.

But, nooo, my family had to drag me away with lame excuses like, "We're only shopping for a Birthday gift" and, "You still haven't used the stuff you bought from here at Christmas."


But, while they were looking at Birthday cards I got to browse through the candle holders in the same area that were 75% off! I bought a beautiful pewter votive holder for $7.

Oh, and I'm going back today to buy some of those little ramekins.:P

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I was at Target last week and got the larger heart mold.I looked at the ice cube trays and debated.KNow for tarts only but would have to put about 5-10 per bag.I will go back and get some.Cute to add to my other products and people may like them throughtout the year.Not just Valentine's Day.


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