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I tried the mylar lining techique


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I made a mylar mold liner from Kimberly's instructions. I really like it because you just wash it and use it again and again. The only thing I don't like is when you peel away the sides and bottom it leaves the soap a little rough looking.

Is there a trick to not have this happen?

Mainly I wanted to thank Kimberly for sharing her great idea with us and to say it really works great.

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I use the no-melt mylar...love 'em!

Most of my soaps turn loose cleanly while the log is still warm, but, with a few (especially any that contain TD), I have to let the log COMPLETELY cool before messing with the mylar. Once cool, no problems!



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They are definitely cool. I don't unmold them until the next day.

I used the quilting mylar for mine. It is pretty thick. I wonder if it was thinner maybe it would peel back easier. Even if it doesn't, this method of lining is still very convenient and I'll still use it.

So your saying recipes with TD stick more than others?

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Are you using canola oil in your recipe? I noticed that when I started using canola I would get a little bit of roughness on them. When you cut the bars it really isn't to bad. You might be able to polish it off, but I haven't tried that yet, since I don't mind it.

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