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creme wax

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I just tried the Yaley creme wax. Easy to work with and pours well. I used a block of Yaley vanilla scent. I added more than was suggested, but I really can't smell it. :mad:

I'm guessing I need to purchase some fragrance oils that I've seen so much chatting about. My preference is vanilla. From your experience, where is a good place to purchase it from?

As always I appreciate your help, since I'm new at this! Thanks, guys!

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Right now, I'm testing Becky's Ultimate Vanilla, Vanilla of Pearl and Vanilla Buttercream Crunch. All are from JS and all have a great throw in Comfort Blend.

It really depends on what kind of vanilla you're after. The Ultimate Vanilla is a very pure vanilla scent. The Vanilla of Pearl is extremely complex and STRONG. I wasn't sure I was even going to burn it after I poured it but the hot throw is fantastic. Lastly, the Vanilla Buttercream Crunch is probably my favorite vanilla so far. It's a very buttery, nutty vanilla.

Not to mention other vanillas like Raspberry Vanilla Creme and Orange Dreamsickle. I get a top note of Raspberry and Orange respectively and a weak bottom note of vanilla.


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