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Fragrance oil percentages

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I’m new to posting so not sure how this all works! I’m not completely computer savvy! Feel free to put this elsewhere!

Im sure there is an answer here somewhere. I’ve been testing f.o. Percentages in candles and I’m wanting to lower the percentages on some by one or two percent. I know this make affect my wick size maybe? I know that I will no doubt be testing, I’m just wondering what your experience has been regarding this. Any insight would be great!🌸

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You are in the right place and this is a much discussed subject. Most newbies want to go with the maximum load recommended for the wax they are using. The experienced professionals on this board taught me to use around 7% for most waxes. I find more than that causes problems. What wax and wicks are you using?

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Ok, gonna reword this and simplify.

a candle I poured is @ 8% load. The wick is great and no issues. However,I think the fo is too strong so I will lower it only by 1%.

the question is, will the wick size stay the same or will 1% less fo make a big difference to switch the wick. I know I’ll need to test but wondering what all of you have observed.

hope this clarifies a bit!

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It really depends on the fragrance. 1% of something that impedes a normal burn, like patchouli, many citrus, or amber would make a heck of a difference. 


1% of a total FO load can be a lot as a total %. If you usually use 8%, for instance, 1% decrease in FO is a difference of 12.5%. 


You jist have to test to be sure. 

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