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Help with Bath Tea


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I'm making bath tea as a favor for my sister's baby shower. The shower is going to be a Tea. I just got my Pampering Bath Tea from WSP and tea bags. Should I add anything to the tea? Or do you think it's okay as is? I read some posts that people add salts and other things to it. Should I add any EO or FO to it, and what's the best way to do that - do I spray it on so it disperses better? Sorry for the novice questions :embarasse .

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I just went to the WSP site and it tells you how to add eo or fo and how much to add. As far as adding other things. try it and then test it. If it's good, make more.

The first place I check for help with a product is with the supplier. I like WSP because they have a page with ingredients, directions etc for most of thier products.


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I luv the addition of oatmeal grounded up. One thing I'm going to try is some cocoa butter bath melts (Bunny's GREAT recipe) that didn't come out of the molds in one piece AND the ones that the citric acid reacted in, instead of throwing them out. I figured its worth a try instead of throwing them out. I came up with this idea the other night after throwing away 3 batches because of this :embarasse. They are scented lavender which is a nice scent for tea baths. I'm just going to break them into small pieces. You can add whatever you like (salts, dried milk, other herbs....) but its not necessary to add anything to WSP's tea combos- IMO. HTH :)

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