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I am new to the group and have been playing with candles for about 8 years. I only make them for myself and family and friends. Years ago, I purchased Dussek Campbell Wax from Genwax when they had free shipping. I ended up getting 500 lbs. worth. It is a preblended wax and the melt point is 139. The throw from this wax is great. Or at least I think it is. :)

I would like my pillars to stop bulging. Do you think if I add stearic to this wax it would stop? Or should I add something else to it?

Glad to be here!


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Welcome to the board :)

Eugina did an experiment a while back to get pillars made from 1343 to stop bulging. Now that's a straight paraffin and yours is a preblend, but you should still be able to do something similar, leaving out the vybar.

She used:

1343 + 30 ply flat, 3 hours, 7% FO, 3T stearic, 1/2 tsp vybar 103, 1 tsp translucent crystals, 1/2 tsp uv inhibitor. No sweating, no bulge.

Here's the link to that thread...


Love the search feature here :yay:

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