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Vetiver FO


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Has anyone tried Vetiver from Candlewic?  I need to place an order with them, so if theirs is a good one that will work out great.
If not, can anyone recommend a good one?  A blend would be OK as long as the vetiver comes through.
Thank you!

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What sort of vetiver interpretation are you seeking? Like what I mean is, vetiver is one of those aromas where the FO is typically nothing like actual vetiver, such as vetiver essential oil.


To me vetiver EO smells extremely earthy and damp, yet paradoxically a bit fresh, think like cool and damp potting soil, or freshly turned up dirt in Autumn after it rains. So to get close to the real deal using FO's, I would more so recommend something like one of those "potting soil" or "dirt" FO's, and adding a tiny touch of something camphoraceous, such as just a wee bit of tea tree EO and rosemary EO (both very affordable) to the "dirt" FO. 


All of the "vetiver" interpretation (blend or simple) FO's I have tried, don't smell like vetiver EO, though. Some of them are closer than others, though, but they tend to smell uh.. "greener"? I guess, in a more so.. "fresh" kind of way, like generically "herbal" or they smell more like a smooth cologne. Now to me some of these FO's smell good, but would disappoint someone looking for a more authentic vetiver scent.


It's sort of like how there are a hundred and one slightly different interpretations of Sandalwood out there... more woody, more powdery, more perfumey, more earthy, etc. None of them are inherently good or bad, but like for example if someone wants me to make them a "sandalwood" lotion, I have to ask them more questions to figure out what exactly they have in mind, personally.


Vetiver strikes me as that sort of scent, too. 



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