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Citrus FO's

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Ok, so I've read in the past where you really shouldn't use these in candles because they give off a fuel smell when burning. However, lately I've seen where FO's like grapefruit are being offerred under candle scents. It's been more than one website also! So, have the formulations of this type of scent changed to where they now can be used in candles without that fuel scent? I have, some time ago used the grapefruit FO and found it did smell like fuel when burning. Curious, because I love grapefruit FO! It's my favorite scent in B&B products.

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Most citrus scents have vanilla or cinnamon added to them to make the fuel smell less noticable. To get a really true smelling orange and not have the fuel smell when you burn it in a candle is tough. They work with a melter just great... no fuel smell, its just something in the combustion when burning them that makes the fuel smell. They smell great in lotions, melts, wickless canldles, about anything where you dont use a flame. If you take orange Essential Oil and make a candle out of it (nothing more true smelling than EO) you get a orange and fuel mix when you burn it, I tried it since the EO smelled fantastic in the bottle. Bruce

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