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Cure time


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Oh! Is it a votive/tart blend? Is it 100% soy, or a parasoy?

The cure time for soy has more to do with the structure of the soy wax and the integration of the wax and the fragrance. @TallTayl gave a really detailed and educational explanation once about the crystalline structure of the wax needing time to reform after being heated, and I took from it that the fragrance also impacts the process and that's why most soy doesn't throw well without a long cure. That was heavily paraphrased, and hopefully I didn't get it all wrong, lol.

My convoluted point was, the cure for soy isn't just to give it time to cool and solidify, it's also to maximize the hot throw of your fragrance. If it's a parasoy blend, I'd still give it a week to be on the safe side.

Most votive/tart waxes have a higher melt point to retain their shape, container waxes are too mushy, even when fully cooled.

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