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Chocolate Mint


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I use Peak's Peppermint Kiss

At first I wondered why you said peppermint kiss since it didn't say anything about chocolate. Well, tonight I was going through my oils and found that I have Peaks peppermint kiss. I smelled it and it smelled just like chocolate mint. :shocked2: I looked up the description and it says "A nice blend of chocolate and peppermint. Think peppermint patty." Yay!!! I have it and didn't know it all this time. :yay:

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I just mixed some up last night. I used Longwyck's "Snowstorm" (spearmint) and Farmhouse's "Hot Cocoa". I poured it 50/50.

It smells just like Andes Candies or Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. The cold throw is great; waiting to cure before I test the hot throw.

I'll keep everyone posted.

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We love FOH's chocolate covered candy canes. It is outstanding. Although she says she is going to discontinue it......the third time she has discontinued an oil we love. Makes me very leary to try anything new from her, because her oils are wonderful, and then I can't find a dupe anywhere!

I have tested many and this was the best I have encountered. Maybe she would consider keeping it if enough folks emailed about it...

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