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Anyone use a non-discoloring vanilla?


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I tired one from I believe it was BCN years ago, but it was only for M&P and it had a weird plasticy, chemical scent to it. I did not like the scent at all but made them for a client who approved of the scent. It did work great in the M&P I used it for though, and it was a clear base, and even with the scent it stayed crystal clear. 


Honestly, now though, I'd just use BCN's vanilla stabilizer and call it good. But that's just me. 

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I found at least some soaps with VS can morph and change color if exposed to outdoor light. Happened to me with BCN VS. The soaps weren't even in direct sunlight, just esposed to outdoor light for several hours. So especially a FO like vanilla that can discolor to a dark chocolate brown I don't want to use VS if I can find another solution.

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