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  1. Hi everyone. I just thought I'd put the word out there for all you FOHO's....I just ordered a sample pack from a new supplier called Shey Candle LLC. They only have ten scents so far as they're just starting up.Ordered last night and they've already shipped out!
  2. Both keystone and fillmore carry a citrus spruce...hth
  3. I thought rrd's were the only directional wick??? How did I not know this?
  4. it's recommended that you space your containers at least three inches apart
  5. hi sarah....just wondering what you thought of the 133?
  6. this just my experience with paraffin but I found the htp 52 a tad smaller than the lx 10 and the htp 73 a scootch smaller than the lx 16....it's a start, right?😉
  7. if the lx 8 is too big the htp 31 should be the winner
  8. fireside, mostly cd and cdn in the 130 wax. Also lx but let me say that these worked great in a nine oz hex jar except for the really heavy scents and they never mushroomed in that jar but when I threw them in a 4 oz jelly.....mushrooms galore...still trying to figure that one out...hmmm🤔
  9. I found it hard to get a good mp in that size container using two wicks without the flames being to tall for my liking....idk...maybe I didn't stick with it long enough🤔. I have resorted to triple wicking...lower range lx and htp have been working out pretty well in paraffin so far...hth
  10. Thank you pughaus for your input. So true about result varying....i'm using paraffin and i'm finding the lx 12 to be between the htp 52 and 62 in my testing....yeah...i've wasted more time on premiers than I care to think about....not worth it for the mediocre hot throw they give me.
  11. do you happen to know how the lx 10 and 12's compare to htps?
  12. sorry..meant to say I have used the cbl 130....could only get a select few fo's to throw strong in it...but those few were killer strong
  13. well.....they look good and smell great and the wicking is giving me a migraine...lol...still a contender although i've put them on the back burner for now. yup...i'm back to messin with straight paraffin again...in the back of my mind i guess im just wondering if i really even trust soy in any blend. I'll get my wicking down right and then BAM...the next lot will be different. Anyways...guess what? I got one of those funky batches of cbl 129 that looks like brains when it sets up. . so I've been spending the day blending it with this and that to try and get it to smooth out. I finally did 50/
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