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  1. jaybee


    candle cocoons is the bomb!
  2. I'm curious about their chocolate patchouli.Has anyone tried this?
  3. Just my experience but I've found an Lx 24 to be comparable to a cdn 14, which falls between a 12 and a 14.....this was in cbl 130. I would try the 20 through the 24...hth
  4. i would go with mac apple, balsam fir, lemon pound cake, basil sage mint, daffodil, and lux linen. but i agree with gail...a liitle spice wouldn't hurt. I'd prob swap out the mac apple for an apple cinnamon.
  5. your candle are just stunning trappeur! ok...i have to ask...what's with that spider in the first pic? Eeek!!!
  6. sell some to me if you still have it.....old post, I know🤤
  7. i ordered some of those also but the high shine on that lid hurts my eyes...lol
  8. hi milos candles...we're in the same zipcode☺️ im currently testing these jars and wanted to let you know that the metal lids from candle science fit them perfectly!
  9. jeana, I don't know if you've found suitable replacements but keystone is carrying the peak cotton cores now
  10. You can get them all through candlewics custom wick builder although the min is 500 per size....but 500 of them isn't as expensive as you would think.
  11. rustic escentuals has one called childrens room that smells like loves baby soft
  12. I neeeeeed that jar.....so beautiful🤪
  13. I haven't tried it myself but southwest has one
  14. what moonshine said....lol...I did like the cbl 130. It is similar to 6006 in that many of the same scents will throw with it but I prefer the cbl because it is a firmer wax so the wicks stay more upright. I only tested one case and haven't ordered again because I got frustrated trying to get it wicked in a status jar. I was using the 9 oz hex previously and it was great in those with the cdns.
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