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  1. I'm currently using the 129 and I do prefer it over the 125 although the repours are a pain.....the 125 smelled too "paraffinish" to me and I didn't like the gummy consistency of it. Still haven't found the magic wick yet....I've only been testing it a couple weeks and just today decided to mix it 50/50 with gb464.....there's nothing like the cold throw of soy and maybe my wick options will open up a little....who knows?
  2. Holy Bejesus!!!! Don't think you want to be roasting marshmallows on that one
  3. thank you talltayl for the info....so the reasoning is that even though one mp is smaller than another when comparing them after an hours burn....that smaller mp could catch up to and even surpass the larger one if I let it burn longer?
  4. hi forrest.....i'm assuming that you're ranking these by mp size? I just did a pan test and my results were quite surprising to me as far as mp size goes....I burned them for exactly an hour and then took measurements.....is one hr enough time to do a good comparison? Ugh...I hope so......anyways, Im beginning to wonder if different waxes put the results in a different order...kwim? Thoughts?
  5. haha...somewhere it that general area....I'm no expert and I've been pulling my hair out trying to muddle through this myself
  6. Hello all....not sure if everyone is aware but FB has 25% off till midnight eastern time.....not sure if I'm allowed to post the code here?
  7. I've been trying to figure this out forever but if I were to position those wicks excluding the zincs which I try to avoid on my list it would go from largest to smallest... cd10 premier 755 lx 18 cd 8 premier 745 Premier 740 lx 16 cd 6 lx 14 To me the P 740 and 745 seemed to match up well with the cd 7 and cdn 8.
  8. peaks aka keystones is killer strong...very pronounced lime note....i used to use in in 415 with success
  9. tried it in parasoy and it gave off a strong fuel smell
  10. jaybee


    candle cocoons is the bomb!
  11. I'm curious about their chocolate patchouli.Has anyone tried this?
  12. Just my experience but I've found an Lx 24 to be comparable to a cdn 14, which falls between a 12 and a 14.....this was in cbl 130. I would try the 20 through the 24...hth
  13. i would go with mac apple, balsam fir, lemon pound cake, basil sage mint, daffodil, and lux linen. but i agree with gail...a liitle spice wouldn't hurt. I'd prob swap out the mac apple for an apple cinnamon.
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