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Wax suggestions?

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I'm using IGI 6006 and have tried multiple wicks with no success yet. 


Im wondering if I'd have an easier time if I add another brand of soy like 464 or what. 


I love the blends. 


Any other suggestions for a blend wax?


thanks in advance!

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I think you'll just muddy the waters if you try to blend in another wax.  6006 is a great wax on it's own, and the soys are so problematic right now.  What kind of problems are you having?  I saw some of your testing pics and it looks like you were getting pretty close.

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It doesn't have to reach a full melt pool.  I never wick for a FMP on the first burn because for me that always leads to a hot jar and a wild flame once the candle burns further down.  How long has the candle been poured?  What FO & %? 

And how's the CSN 16 doing?

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