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Wicking for status jars....

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I made 3 testers in status jars as one of my accounts uses that style jar and I have to get this wicking figured out right away.



Jar:  12oz status(elite jar from Flaming)

Wax:  464

My present wick size:   cd 14


I just poured 3 new testers in this jar...1 in cd 8, 1 in cd 10, 1 in cd 12.  


Since I'm having to wick down on all jars, now gotta do this one.


I will be burning all 3 tomorrow as the wax is cured now for 11 days..(couple days short of 2 weeks)


I was wondering what others are now using for wicks for this jar and in 464.

I just want to compare.



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A friend of mine recently ordered twelve of these jars she'd like filled for the holidays, I'm pretty sure it's the same one, 12.5 ounce ... is this the same one?  Status Jar


She has brought one over for me to do a test with ... I've poured it only half way for wick testing using my (older) stock of 464, using a #2 cotton square braid.


I've got a new batch of GW464 headed my way, which I'll be testing soon, but I'll use my old stock on this project since I have enough and that's what I'm currently going to test with after my sample one cures.


May I ask you how much wax you melt for this jar?

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