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Displaying Candle Tins at a Show

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Nice! Not often you see amber jars. What kind of lids do they have (can't quite tell)?  I'm also curious about how they burn when the wax gets low...being taller jars, does the flame struggle to get enough oxygen or has that not been an issue? I'm a newb at chandling.

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On 10/18/2017 at 4:23 PM, MilosCandles said:

Here is my display at a show. 

Hi @MilosCandles. Speaking of display, the above display looks nice by the way, I also visited your website http://www.miloscandles.com. Very, very nice job with everything, really impressive. I see you are from Buffalo, Go Bills! I've spent time in Buffalo, have friends in Hamburg and I've been to Ellicottville. It was funny to see your Ellicottville Brewing Company candles. Keep up the great work. ☺️

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