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Tested Q230 With Bad Results

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So I was able to run a couple tests on the new Q230 wax  that's supposed to be the replacement for Ecosoya PB. It failed tremendously in my book. On the good side, it did look beautiful and there was no frosting what so ever, but....it failed for me in other ways. As you can see from the pics and hopefully I'm able to load a video, you can see its rubbery texture. It didn't break with a snapping clean break like I'm used to. It actually bent and tore like it was rubber. It wouldn't even break with nice smooth edges.

In my opinion this company made a very poor business decision because I don't plan on using any of their wax from what I'v experienced from my own tests. Sorry Ecosoya PB, I'm moving on to another company.

Not able to upload a video so if you want to see the video you can email me and I will send it to you airyacrestables@dejazzd.com

20170907_071709 (800x600).jpg

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That wax is out now as well?  The one that's supposed to be like 135 sounds miserable also as far as wicking 

I was a PB user blended with other soy and when they pulled it I have been using what I have left to get by and testing several other options in the meantime for when I run out ....glad you posted this because I was on the fence about trying some and it doesn't even sound appealing!

is the throw any good? 

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yep, im telling ya.... something about the makeup of this new wax is just not "normal". Wicking is tough in it. Its so dense and like you said, packed and rubbery like. If wicks have a hard time drawing oils out of it, I could also see it having a hard time snapping apart easy as well.


this new "quantum" was is so overrated and its frustrating

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Thought I would throw in my two cents here.

I had no problems described above with this wax using clamshells. Mine broke apart just fine. It was actually pretty fantastic.


So... let's figure out the different so we know what factor may have caused your issues. I have two guesses, either the lot you are using or fragrance load.


1) Where did you get your Q230?

2) How much fragrance did you use? I tried 10% and had excellent results.

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