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Tips on How to Design the Perfect Logo

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Read this article from Staples by branding expert Debbie Millman of Design Matters. I found it very helpful informative and spot on:


Let's Talk Logos by Branding Expert Debbie Millman


One of the ideas in her article really stood out for me. Your logo should be simple yet telegraphic. Think of all the logos you can recall in your mind and why. Something simplistic about the design speaks to you. A telegraphic logo can be very powerful in drawing new customers and also retaining them.


I also like her suggestion of checking out your local university and speaking to their marketing/branding/art department to help you design your logo.


Logos are an important part of your company's branding. You should consider putting your logo on all your marketing materials; banners/signs, business cards, flyers, brochures, company T-shirts/apparel, miscellaneous marketing items like pencils, pens, name badges, mugs, matchbooks, etc., and even table cloths you use at shows. you will also want to incorporate your logo into your social media like your website, Facebook, Pinterest, Blog pages. Don't forget your packaging like boxes, labels, shopping bags, etc.


Having your logo appear on all of your marketing materials brands your product with your company and a smart logo will leave an image, impression, or speak directly to your customer.


So think about what you want your design to say to your customers.

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There is a great deal of useful information within this link - including the related articles at the bottom.  I'm going to try and rework mine using their advice.  Thanks for sharing Candybee.  

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