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I have a blog on my website but haven't kept up with it in AGES - but when I do I talk about my business, trends in the industry, what I've been working on, stuff that is coming soon, etc., It's all related to my business in one way or another, even though it is not always about just MY business, if you know what I mean... 

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There are a few of us that have a blog if you look in off topic I have a thread started there that you can add your blog to for everyone to enjoy.  I wish more folks would add their blog I would sign up for updates and share a few things here and there to help folks out.


I write about crafts mostly but I have been known to write about my dog. I do shop tours every now and then. I would love to do more of those but I found store owners are not really on board with that one go figure.

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I started a blog at the end of last year, mostly as a way to share the things I do with far away friends.  It also allows me to make a log of what I have made, and when.  10 years ago I could easily remember everything I made and when, with what materials etc...but that was 10 years ago.  I am able to put together a blog post and it gives me a time stamp of what I have going on.  In the future I hope to promote an etsy shop linked through the blog and my facebook, but for now I mostly write about what is going on right now...pottery first and foremost and soap and gardening will pop up as well.  I have fatigue issues, so sometimes being at my computer is all I have the energy for.


My blog link is in my signature. :)

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