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Lids/Labels driving me NUTS


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I have had my store for 2 years now and I guess with having the candles on constant display they are opened and closed a lot more.  Before I just did craft shows and wholesale orders so never had this problem.  My problem is that my label gets off center after it is opened a few times and I assume my lid is stretching.  I use the square mason jars and the rustic metal lids.  Anybody else have this problem?  It is very annoying to walk to your display and see labels turned half way around a jar.  I have seen people use the label on the jar itself, but I'm not sure about how it works with the imprint of the wording on the jar since it's not a flat smooth surface.  Anybody label the jar and not have any issues? 

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Since you are in a store now you might want to consider shrink wrap sealing the lids so they aren't disturbed and can't be opened. You can leave one jar open if you want to have a sample customers can open and smell.


At shows I have a similar problem. I resolved about 95% of the problem by watching how I "naturally" twist the lid on and off. I found I could line my labels up better. But you have to expect if you don't seal the lids people will open them.

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I agree with Candybee. Have a display candle already opened. That solved that problem for me. 

I have one display candle open with a little table talker of the scent, and the ones available for purchase lined up behind it. And if the top of my display candle starts to get a little dirty/grubby/scratched, I hit it with a heat gun. 

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