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Candle making help newbie

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Guest OldGlory

Are you asking what a Whiskey type fragrance oil is made from?

The companies who manufacture fragrance oils don't give out that information. It's not just a little dash of this and a dab of that - it's a carefully constructed combination of chemicals to be used specifically in waxes with wicks/flame. Sometimes they use Essential Oils along with the chemicals.


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Maybe instead of making candles you guys could try your hand at soap making. I know there are beer soap recipes out there, I don't see why you couldn't have fun and try to put whiskey in it. If your still hooked on candle making, then I suggest like the others and buy a Whiskey

fragrance oil. You could start with the Whiskey fragrance oil and mix it with other fragrance oils to make it your own special Whiskey scent.



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