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Half-Pint Jar Remaining Wax

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This is a half-pint canning jar that I want to start selling but am concerned with the amount of wax remaining after the wick is down to the metal clip.  I'm thinking customers would feel they aren't getting their money's worth since it looks like 1/5 of the jar has to be thrown.  My warning label says "discontinue use when 1/2". . .remains" which is about what this is.  In a pint jar, 1/2" doesn't look as bad as in this little guy.  Is this how yours look?  If so, you get negative feedback from customers?


Half Pint Jar 2.jpg

Half Pint Jar 1.jpg

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I use those jars and I did have one person complain about that happening.  I use palm wax and I think it is because the jar is too short for the heat to melt it all the way down.  I told her that is normal for those jars but because she is a good friend I gave her a replacement.  

The pint jars do work better and burn all the way down.  That was the size this particular customer always buys so she was used to how those burn all the way down.  

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If you look at the bottom of the jars, the center rises a bit from the edges, and that combined with a long wick tab prevents it from burning all the way down. If you read the warning label it says to discontinue burning with 1/2" wax remaining. With that being noted, I think what you are seeing is not only reasonable from a safety standard but also expected by most experienced candle burners. :) I do however wonder if the wick you are using may be a bit on the small side based on the side hang up... but I also don't know how long it had been burning when this photo was taken either. That can change everything.


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