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Wax weight - before or after melting


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Forgive me for this newbie question, and I am not even sure how to ask it so bear with me...For instance, do you weight one pound of wax, melt and then add fragrance oil?  or do you melt wax and pour 16 ounces of melted wax and then add fragrance oil?  I guess what I am saying is, do you go buy solid or liquid weight of wax?  Thanks (and please forgive me for this one).


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I'm opposite - I weigh out 1 lb dry and melt it and then add my FO and pour at right temp

I read somewhere on here way back the results are the same and when I started this I didn't want to have to waste time ladling out wax and I didn't have a spigot of which you would have to have a scale under to weigh what your pouring - I have always just dumped my presto into a pour pot added the Fo and moved on to the next

Recently I bought a turkey fryer used (which I have flaking issues I need to figure out) but I then wondered myself.....if I am melting 20 pounds of wax and I only need 2 for a batch will it be the same weight or mess up my whole formula

So weighed out 1 lb wax and melted it in my presto and then poured the melted wax in my pour pot Tared out on my scale and it was the same

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I have a presto with spigot and now a turkey fryer with spigot.  I don't add fo to my melting pot.  I melt my wax, add fo to pour pot, weigh, tare scale add wax and weigh.  I know just about the right amount that goes into my glass measuring cups now so I pretty much judge but I still weigh it to be sure.  LOVE my new turkey fryer, can make so many more without refill and waiting for melt.  Plus I like to temper my wax by melting allowing to cool and remelt so the turkey fryer has

eliminated me doing that for 4 pours!


I don't think it matters, weight is weight but I figure some gets lost as melting on sides of melter & what I might drip (spill) etc so I've always weighed after melt.

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