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ISO Body lotion/cream Recipe

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Guest OldGlory

Hi Jessica! You asked for a thicker lotion/cream and that implies that you are currently using something that isn't thick enough. What have you tried? Are you asking for a premade base or do you want to make lotion from scratch?

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Hi there! Honestly I use store bought lotion right now but want to rid myself of the cancer in a bottle so wanted to get started making my own. I don't even know what a premade base is....ha! I am totally new at this and don't know alot about this....so looking for something pretty easy to start. I know that my friend makes her own and she gave me a body butter whip stuff or something and it was thicker than any other lotion or cream i have ever used and it was awesome. So basically I'm new and want something easy and thick. Do you have any suggestions or recipes to share? Thanks so much!



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Cancer in a bottle meaning like the parabens and minerals oils and such. 


So what is a premade lotion base exactly?

Cancer in a bottle? Lol. No. I'd read a few journals by medical pros versus a few scaremongering web sites that copy and paste from one another until what someone wrote once upon a time becomes "true" because of Dr. Google.

BTW- Mineral oil is inert. And loads of different Parabens are found in nature in vegetables we eat daily.

A lremade base is one you get ready to add scent and color (if you choose).

Though it sounds like your friend may have just whipped a few butters and oils with an electric whisk. Be careful with 'raw" and unrefined ingredients since bacteria, fungi, molds and yeasts are all natural (right along with MRSA, staph, snake venom, botulism and a whole lot of deadly natural things,

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I'm not to the point in my bath supplies and soap making to branch out into using preservatives.  I stick to things that can be safely made without them, infused oil balms and soap mainly.  I do not care for most store bought lotions so I bought an unscented base from Elements Bath and Body called "triple thick nourishing lotion" and I truly love it.  It is thick, but yet absorbs very quickly and never leaves me greasy and I can add my own essential oils and fragrances.  It's a win win, I don't have to mess with homemade lotion and I have a product that I can personalize to boot.  My picky skin loves it as well.  :)


If you ever want to know what the ingredients on the lotions are, just google them.  The names may sound like official chemical things, but everything is a chemical, natural or synthetic and when making lotion there are rules to be followed for a very good reason.  The things that can grow in lotion, not seen by your eye can lead to illnesses and skin infections, all natural and not much fun.  The most natural way to get the oils onto your skin is to do just that, schmear oils on your skin, or a basic balm.  Lotion just makes the process absorb more quickly because of its make up. 

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