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Besides the crafters guilds, does anyone have insurance direct with a carrier like Erie, Nationwide, etc.?  I have a quote from Capital Indemnity but I wanted to shop around first before I committed to this plan as it's a bit steep (north of 500$/year).


Thanks everyone!



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My insurance is with American Family who also insures our cars and home. 

I need to point out that I do NOT make candles, bath and body, nor sell warmers. Wax Melts only. I provided photos and detailed description of what my business is and is not. I have had the policy for 2 years.

Since I am a neat freak and also have a full time career, I do not do events although my insurance would cover that.

It is very reasonable. 

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Make sure to compare apples to apples. Compare not only individual coverages, fees to add on a named insured, etc. but fringes.

I have been with the guild for 7 years or so. The insurance portion is only about $400. The rest of the fee is membership to the guild.

With the guild membership i get nice discounts through the Power Purchasing option. UPS savings is sweet, and most happily Office max/Office Depot contract pricing. Just yesterday the membership saved me $75+ on 2 toner colors and paper. the benefits totally cover my insurance and membership by the end of a fiscal year.

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Thanks TallTayl.  I have a great discount through FedEx, making them much cheaper than UPS and the OfficeMax/depot closed.  Only thing we have is a Staples.  Which guild are you with and what is the total yearly fee including insurance?

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