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ISO backup supplier for Peaks Glassglow

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Peaks is oos at the moment, and I need more asap !

Any help sure is appreciated :)

Do we know if its the same as IGI 2322 Palm Wax?

Also, for Peaks Sparkle light, could same wick be used for either wax? ex. I use a cdn 12 for my GG, would it be the same for the Sparkle? I'm thinking it should be very close to the same.

I could try the sparkle if their stock isn't replentished in a day or so.......


Many thanks !

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Thank you

Are you sure its the same product?

I just heard back from Peaks...they are out till early January


What the heck...going to get some from Lone Star. Thanks again :)


I can get a #55 box from Peaks for aprox $67, L S - $72, and from a local Seattle company for, get this, ...$106+ tax. Big diffrence there !

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Candlesandsupplies and the Candle Makers Store both carry it.


Peaks Sparkle light is crystal container palm and has a different crystal pattern from Glasglow. You should have no problem with using the same wick for your jars.

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