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Butterfly Kisses -

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I made this one a while ago, but love sharing and came across these pictures while trying to categorize and update all of my soap pics. This one is scented Raspberry Lemonade with a hint of BRV. 

Smells really good, and cured out nicely. 








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Lovely! Do you use M&P for the embeds?

It depends really. These ones are, and most of the time, yes I do. But if I have CP embeds made up, I'll use those as well. Anytime I have extra CP that won't fit as a topper I will put them in a silicone embed mold and will use them if I have them on hand. (like the pink balls on my Forever red soap are CP)


Most of the time though for what I want or what I'm envisioning, I have to make up some M&P embeds. Plus they are quick and easy and can be made as I'm soaping... 

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