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Hey everyone! I am new to candlemaking and was curious where most of you get your jars? I am looking for something cool and unique to make as christmas presents this year. I found some i really liked but they are quite expensive, especially with shipping. Here is what I like, any ideas of where else I could look?




Thanks guys!



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You are looking at a premium jar and you will always pay more for those.

Here is a few links





That is a few to look through I am sure other have more.


A great place to look for jars is Dollar stores, Glassware comes on sale at place like Hobby Lobby and Michaels regularly keep a look out there. If you are looking to sell you want to head for place like the above links.  

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Here are some more for you Elk.

Community Candle

Lone Star Candle

Aztec Candle

Filmore Candle

Bittercreek Candle

Candles andSupplies

Candle Science

Peaks Candle


All these companies all are great suppliers for fragrances where all we candle makers order from.  You can get your wicks, etc from all these places too.


If you do a search for wholesale candle jars there are tons more.



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Good going Elk!  Hey that's what everyone is here for!......you can't believe all the help I've got from people here.


Oh, there is another company out of NY called Guilfoil who has great prices.....Check them out too.



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