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Best selling soaps lately?

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I've been posting my best sellers of each week in the biz section under weekly market threads. You can check it out if you want details.


This summer my specialty soaps; shaving soaps, salt bars, shampoo bars, and castile/bastiles have been big hits. For my basic bath soaps I have been selling lots of citrus especially lime blends; florals such as rose, lavender, honeysuckle, and lavender chamomile. Lately the earthy and amber scents have been taking off; patchouli, goddess, egyptian amber, oakmoss & amber. Forgot cucumber melon is making a huge comeback. I think its because I use cucumber and aloe juice for my lye solution.


Seems this summer my specialty soaps are really flying. I can't keep salt bars, shaving soap, and shampoo bars in stock.


Lots of people asking for jewelweed soap or a good poison ivy relief soap. I don't make those but if you do its that time of year and lots of customers have asked me about them.


Hope this info helps.


BTW-- welcome back quietqirl! You know your soap recipe is a big hit. People here still ask about it.

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