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Event Reports 6-29-14

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Sales were slow again this weekend but better than last. My best ones were my repeat customers so thats good news. This past weekend seems like everyone is interested in the aromatic and earthy scents. Sold most of my Goddess and Egyptian Amber soaps.


Lately I have been doing a 'bargain' soap bin. I get tired of waiting for some of the older soaps to sell so I throw them in the bargain bin and sell at half price. Those have been selling like crazy. Bargain bin is empty after each weekend. Lots of people buy several at a time. Helps me sell soap that isn't moving and make room for soaps that are selling.

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I have a weekly farmers market every Friday. Normally I do well, but this week was just awful! My sales were only a third of what they usually are even though there were tons of people at the market.

I'm really hoping it's just that people don't like to spend extra money before a holiday. This is my first year at the market and I worry that when it's hot, no one will want a candle.

But I did have another repeat customer! I'm starting to amass a little group of regulars and it's such an awesome feeling.

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Amanda I have been doing farmer's markets for about 8 yrs and the hot summer months are typically slow. So July and August I am not expecting too much. I do 3 markets a week and like you sales have been poor lately.


On the other hand, my repeat customers are loyal and thats where my big sales come from. Lately I have been slammed with customer orders and wholesale orders. My soaps sales are really picking up in this area. A lot of it has to do with establishing my customer base. So keep at it as you never know that first time customer today may come back for a larger sale tomorrow.


I also find that farmer's markets attract local shop owners looking for handcrafted items to sell. They love soap and candles. Every market I do there is a local shop that also sells my soap.

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I suspected that sales would dip in July/august. But I didn't expect such a drastic change of pace. Hopefully it isn't quite so bad the next few weeks. :/

I'm lucky to be a part of a farmers' market that runs through November. I anticipate Sept-Nov being pretty decent for candle sales.

That's so neat about local shops selling your stuff! I'd love to get an opportunity like that one day!

I did get invited to vend during the neighborhood historical house tour since I live in the neighborhood! So that's really neat. This year for the house tour, they are closing off a block and letting local artists/vendors set up. I know people aren't out to spend the big bucks during a house tour, but it doesn't cost me anything and it's 2 blocks from my house, so I have nothing to lose :D

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My last two weeks were really slow.  Might be because I got rained out each time.  Have been trying some new shows, and farmers markets but they are not really working out.  So just trying to hang in there till the fall months.

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