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Formula for doing 3 wicks?

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Is there a formula when using a large container to go by when using 3 wicks?

I wicked a 5" container with 2 cd8 wicks. Wax is 464. There is too much hang up on 2 sides. I don't know which way to go.... So should I do 3 cd7 or maybe 3 cd6 or go with 2 cd 10's or maybe 2 cd12?

I did another container/crock which was also 5" wide and used 3 cd7 and that was too deep a melt pool but an awesome scent. Should I wick down to 3 cd6?

Is there a formula that others use?



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It takes three wicks for one of those large heart shaped containers with my wax and I place them equal distance from each other toward the center. Each wick slightly overlaps the other wick in order to cover the entire area with heat. They are just such a pita to secure that I will do anything to avoid multiple wicking containers. I don't like huge wicks with large flames either, so my largest diameter is 3 inches. 



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