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Mixed chunky blocked jar candles


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While working on some custom votives today I decided to make some jar candles using small chunky block wax mixed with another fragrance.

I am very happy with the results and look forward to burning them in a few days. :)

So I made BubbleGum chucks and placed them in a jar then poured Vanilla over the top (XL jar). Picture below.


In this photo (below) I used Chocolate Fudge chucks with Vanilla poured around it. Just so the chocolate comes though the top. This is a regular size jar.


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They are fun to make but I found the hardest part was keeping the wick straight. It keeps moving because the blocks where trying to find the gaps and the wick was moving around. I ended up using a straw to hold it straight up until I got all the blocks fit into place. Then poured the vanilla. Worked fine after that and smells so good.

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OH!!! YOU are so good!!! That is what it takes...slide a straw over the wick, then place your chunks. It can get just a little dicey placing those chunks , but the straw definitely makes it easier and OH the end result is just wonderful! :) Great job!! :)

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