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Deep, dark, resins and incense?


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I'm enjoying The Scent Works "Scherezade" in soap right now, but I wish it were more resiny and "dark". It's got a powdery note that lightens it up. We all have access to frankincense, frankincense & myrhh, nag champa types, amber, and patchouli, but what other scents with a sort of "dark" or maybe even gothic feel are there?

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Guest OldGlory

Peppercorn at BCN. I've made incense with it and it ROCKS. Also outstanding in 464. I used to make CP with it and always sold out with a 2%, but the regulations have changed and now they only recommend at a bit less than 1%. Mind you... the formula has not changed, just the regulations. Dark and sexy if you ask me :)

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Orris. It's not resinous but it does impart some of the qualities you mentioned.

Another option would be an agarwood based fragrance. An Oud/agarwood mixed with a euphoric citric anise would be interesting.

Copal is also a good option.

Come to think of it...I think I just my try a blend and see what I can come up with.

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