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All that use 4794 wax, what supplier do you get your FO from that gives you the best HT. (talking votives here)

I have been using CS & Peaks. I think I may need to look at others..

How much FO are you using per pound?

That could be the culprit.

Are you using any other additives with your formula or just 4794 straight?

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1oz per pound, by weight - not volume - is typical.

Depending on the manufacturer of the FO I have seen as high as 1.75oz per pound with no weeping with straight 4794.

It was a premium special order uncut FO and I was testing some melts.

Candles are fun, lots of testing involved.

It could be as simple as mixing temperature, amount of time the wax stayed in your pot before pouring, incorrect wick, a particular wick that does not play well with your chosen FO, remaing wax for top layer heated to high to fast, etc.

If your FO is fresh and you are mixing properly, pouring in time, repouring with same wax - not making up a new batch then I would start looking at your wick and your surroundings.

AC vents, fans nearby?

How long do you let the candle cure for before you light it.

What type of holder are you using for the votive?

A nice tight fitting holder is best, not flower pot votive holders - IMHO.

I use 4794 and 1oz per pound of FO and a cotton wick, and I'm a bit controlling... My votives sit for a week before I sell/burn them.

Melt your wax, stable the temp 170-185F (depending on scent type), add dye, mix, add FO mix, stir, chant, swear, giggle whichever works and pour. Let sit a few hours reheat wax to your desired temp (some say previous pour temp +10 degrees, I do not) and pour your top layer (I use metal votive cups). Let sit over night and pop out of molds while hoping you don't crack them when pulling out wick pins. Sometimes I forget to spray my molds. Lol

I use to use zinc without issues but I got tired of explaining that it wasn't lead.


Do not expect more HT from a votive than what it can possibly do.

Think of them as baby container candles, that is basically what they are.

Mostly used for mood lighting, multiples in a room, and what not.

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Old crab--

what cotton wick do you use. I tried the one peaks has and I get a big mushroom or no melt pool. The 44-24-18 has burned decent if burned properly, however if someone power burns it, it is out of control.

I have been experimenting mixing 4794 with 415 (80/20) to see what that does. It seems better but, idk.

I usually let them cure for 2 or 3 days, but I have burned some that cured for 2 weeks with no difference.

How do you remelt the wax for repour? I get a pot of water, get it boiling then I use measuring cups and I hand that on the side. I am wondering if the steam is getting into the wax and messing it up. The steam is just rolling over it so I don't know if that would affect anything?

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I use 34-40 from C&S, might not be "the" wick for everyone but it does work for me.

Not all wicks are equal, and if memory serves Peak uses an odd size or something for their wicks.

A mushroom is a mushroom, could get it to occur from a number of different reasons.

Not sure what 415 is, I've mixed 4794 with good results with other waxes but I always go back to straight 4794.

Easier, less mess, quicker, less chance o add something unintentionally. My wife always tells me to "keep it simple stupid" Lol

2-3 days should be fine for testing, unless the FO is pretty heavy, possibly wrap in an unscented paper towel, and look for weeping if you are trying higher FO %.

I work a lot of long hours now, so I make my candles on Saturdays and test on Sundays. So I make in bulk my wholesale, and then I've got testers as well. I love Black Sharpies!

As far as your double boiler type system I have no idea.

Way back when I first started I had an older lady friend that cared enough to help me with a hobby.

She taught me about hot plates, presto pots, electric griddles, etc.

I will usually have 8 or 9 presto pots going at a time, depending on what I am making and for who.

When I do votives I do 6 pounds at a time, so I still have plenty of wax left over in the pot for repours later.

That way when I do my top layer I just reheat the presto and go to it.

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ok, so you keep a different scent in each of your presto pots I am gathering...

I right now use a plastic measuring cup to mix my scents in. Unless I use the microwave to remelt my repour wax, (my wife doesn't like lilac hot tea though) I don't see any other way to do it the way I am doing it currently.

I also think I may need a different scale. I was pouring some candles tonight and pouring vanilla, I know I put in a lot of FO, but the scale kept saying zero...

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When I make votives or pillars I always leave the left over wax in the presto pot till I'm ready to repour. I do turn it off, the pot, so the wax inside will get hard and i do have to warm it back up. No biggie, take your time, patience.

There probably isn't a better way to do what you are currently doing with what you have.

A lot depends on how happy you are with your urgent results, and how far you want to take candle making.

I do not know your money / budget situation but if I could make a couple of suggestions:

Buy a Presto Pot, new they are around $30.00 to $35.00 and sometimes you can find them at goodwill stores for $5-$10.

Buy glass measuring cups that look like big shot glasses. They will have oz on them, better than guessing especially if your scale is acting flaky. They run around $2.00 each, get a couple. You are better off measuring your FO if you can not weigh it.

Get at least one glass Pyrex measuring cup, holds I believe 4 cups worth you don't have to have the big one till you do larger production. Use this to dip from presto pot to your molds.

Do not use plastic when handling melted wax, or FO oil. Glass is better, it won't absorb the FO and transfer to your next scent. Plus lots safer with melted wax.

Glass will get hot from dipping - be careful.

Use chopsticks or bamboo skewers, Walmart, cheap, to mix your dye, FO, in the wax. About $1.00 a bag.

Try to get a quality scale, old will knot is a great company and the kd-7000 works great $38.00. It does grams, oz, and pounds. It is currently "on sale" normally $48.00. Did I say very good company? Make sure to get the AC adapter for $7.00, yeah you are tied to a wall outlet, but it will be consistent. Batteries go bad, as they die they get a little inaccurate.

Never use a microwave for melting wax. I know some people do this, but.... Not worth the risk.

The above assumes you are making at least 2 pounds of wax votives (8 standard votives). Anything less and you will probably get frustrated, have issues, and quit with what you have or with what I am suggesting.

Making candles will only get more expensive as you grow with your successes & your failures, think of it as a learning experience and be patient, take lots of notes. Use a dedicated notebook, filing cards, excel sheet, something to put your trials and thoughts on.

There will always be "oooohhhhhh pretty, I want to make that...." I did that for about 2 years before my wife put me on a budget. I still want o make other types of candles but I've learned that you have to know your limitations.

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So for giggles, I put a 51-32-18z in one of my votives. Holy cow. the HT is amazing, but the mushroom is getting big and I imagine this wick is way too big for votives. So I do I get this amazing HT with a smaller wick?

are the cotton core, 3 numbered wicks, similar to the zincs burn. I am trying to find a supplier of those wicks and I cant locate any.

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