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464 & Beeswax

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Does anybody who uses 464 add beeswax to their mix? I've tried 6% & 3%, and still get some cracking after the candle first sets up (less with 3%.) It does give me a smooth finish after burning, which is what I am going for. (I really don't want to use parafin if I can help it.) I'm getting ready to try 1.5% and see what happens. Just trying to see what is working for everybody. There is a candle company nearby that does this and I really like the way their candles burn. (don't know what their percentage is.)

I'm using a 12 oz. 3" status jar and Peaches & Cream fragrance .70 oz. Great HT. CD14. My only issue with the wick is it curled slightly to one side, so meltpool is a little off. Any suggestions on this?


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