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Finally able to post soap pictures!

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My new friend Purple Lilac has helped me figure out how to upload pictures onto here!

I've been so jelous of all who could do it before.

I soooo wanted to post my soap pictures!

Here are some soaps I have made (which I gave out at Christmas, as well as sold some)

Left to right: Patchouli, Monkey Farts (which I renamed), Calendula with Sweet Orange Essential Oil, and watermelon.


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Thanks so much everyone! You are so sweet!

I really like the watermelon too............It smells so good!


The green and the red from the watermelon is a powdered colorant......I try not to use fake colorants too often, but it was kind of necessary to get the right idea....I added a small amount of blue in the patchouli as well.

Funny thing, the monkey farts was made with lard to make the yellow colour, and I added paprika (if I can remember right) for the top.

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