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Film on soap


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Is it a film as in you can stick you finger on it like checking for dust? I find M&P soap bases naturally shiny. Sort of smoothe and shiny looking after I pour the soap and it hardens. But there should not be any film or residue you can rub off.

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If it forms a skin on top that means its cooled enough to start to harden. Easy to fix, just pop it into a micro and heat a bit and the 'skin' will remelt.

If you are talking about the smoothe plastic like shiny surface on a hardened soap I know some bases I have used create a shiny surface once cooled. Almost plastic looking and feeling.

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If its forming a skin on top (like pudding skin) before you have time to pour it into the mold you are probably not heating your base hot enough. Got a thermometer? Heat it to 150-165 degrees. I usually heat mine to 170. But some molds like the 'handmade' tray molds by Milky Way you should let the soap cool to 135-140 degrees F before pouring into mold. Can't tell how many 'handmade' molds I have had to repair by pouring to hot and springing a leak.

For heavy duty molds you can just pour your base right into without cooling.

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