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Need Help Please


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Kitn, I started off using the full fat Greek Yogurt. But, I think I got a creamier bar with the regular full fat yogurts. YMMV. I would be interested in your results.

Quiet, what you are wanting are the milk fats that are in the full fat yogurts. You can find these at Walmart generally, Great Value Plain Yogurt (Walmart's brand), Dannon All Natural Plain Yogurt, Stoneyfield Organic Plain Yogurt (a bit pricey) and Oikos Plain Greek Yogurt. None of the containers will have the words low-fat or no-fat on them. You might have to do a little digging to find them.

Like Janet said, the low-fat yogurts may have other ingredients in them that you might not want in your soap. Or, cause it to misbehave.

Janet, I wish I could find a local dairy to get some of the good stuff like that. I know there is a large Farmers Market a bit south the city but I don't know what they have. I'm sure there is something in the area, just need to find them!

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