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Whenever I've needed to do a quick test on a design feature, I've always tested using the Yaley wax at Michaels. Was running short, so went to Michaels to get s ome more. They don't sell it anymore! They now carry some wax that isn't wrapped and has instructions on it in French as well as English. Doesn't say what kind of wax it is, but supposedly is for pillars. I bought a slab to try. I hate it! It is so brittle plus it mottles like crazy no matter what you do to it. And it's more expensive than the the Yaley wax was. Wonder why they switched. Now no one carries Yaley locally.:tiptoe:

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I've been researching alittle...it's called ArtMinds molding wax, distributed by Michaels. Supposedly, they're in Irving, TX. I'm calling Yaley tomorrow and seeing if I can find out anything. I'll never buy any of this new molding wax again, I'll tell you that much....:tiptoe:

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I have been using the new Michaels wax ever since they changed and I haven't had a problem with it. It acts the same in my pillar and taper recipes. I don't use it alone, I add vybar and steric because I don't want mottling in the items I make. I've made some beautiful colors and I've been mass burning pillars for months.

When I saw it was different I didn't buy it for awhile, but then I had that 50% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket and I really needed some plain paraffin. I went nuts with pillars and blending and broke down and bought it.

The main thing I notice is that when I break it apart it is very crumbly and little crumbs go everywhere. But I'm now in the habit of tempering my plain paraffin and making 8 ounce blocks to make measuring quick and easy. I don't know if that changes anything, I do it for my own organization.

I've now used at least 10 slabs and I'm happy with it and I like that I can just buy it locally, but Michaels price is a raging joke. With the 50% off coupon it brings the price down to a realistic price.

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