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Solid Perfume


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Does anyone have a good recipe for these? I was using 4 oz. Sweet Almond Oil and 3/4 beeswax, but this only allows for 1/4 teaspoon of FO, or else it's too soft- and the scent's not really strong at all....plus, it's pretty darn greasy and doesn't really soak in until a WHILE after I rub it on. Can anyone help me? :(

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I made a solid perfume and lipbalm from a recipe I found somewhere??? I don't remember where I got it but it was basically

3 parts (oz?) castor oil

1 part beeswax

like 20 drops coconut oil

and flavor oil for lip balm or fragrance oil for solid perfume

My mom and sisters really liked this, I chose it because it was extremely simple and I didn't want to spend a lot of time on it, I was just looking for something to throw into their gift baskets for Christmas. since i'm new to all of this I was grateful to find something so easy and cheap!

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