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Bread Pudding FO


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Anyone have any idea where i can find an oil that smells like this, but not from miami-erie candle supply? I cant bring myself to spend $25 a pound. I have maybe two i fork out that much for...but dont want to make a habit of it. lol. Anyone know where else I could find this kind of scent?

Bread Pudding:

Fresh baked bread pudding with a blend of cinnamon, raisins, brown sugar, nutmeg, topped with sweet buttermilk sauce.

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whose amish friendship are you talking here? i have tennesse CBP and it is really close to BCN AF. i have aztec CBP and it smells more like candle science strudel and spice. i have NG's AFB and it smells like NONE of the above-this has (maybe?) an almond/raisin twist to it. personally i like TN-or-BCN versions the best, but i don't have ME to compare it to.


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